My Attempt to Prepare

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Today I woke up with the motivation and excitement to get all my law stuff (parking permit, locker rental, books, supplies, etc…) done and ready to go for Wednesday (which is the first of three days of orientation).

So Geary and I drive to Duquesne and I get my parking permit no problem (which is probably what I was most stressed about because they apparently sell out faster than ice cream in hell). Then I go to get my locker rental application/assignment. Le sigh. Apparently the lady who handles that is out of the office until Monday and she took all the applications with her.
So I then go to the bookstore to get all my textbooks and supplies. No go. I didn’t set up a book voucher from financial aid (my own fault I didn’t look that up ahead of time) so I couldn’t get them then. However, I get to have fun doing it all online now and then go pick them up tomorrow! Seriously. Textbook shopping is like a strategy game for me. I have so much fun.

BUT despite only getting 1 thing out 4 I wanted to, Geary and I had a lot of fun walking around and exploring my new home for the next 3 years. My campus is beautiful and has so many really awesome quotes about the Holy Spirit everywhere.                              IMG_3468

Oh oh oh! And, I know this is really silly, but I have a FOLDER with my NAME on it in the law building for professors to drop of things for me. Is it weird that that totally makes me geek out?


Also, I’ve officially signed up for some yoga (I’ve decided this will be my stress-relieving activity every law student blog says to have), bingo nights (easiest way to get gift cards and friends), craft nights (because…why not?), and I’m thinking about going to a kayaking thing. We’ll see if I end up going to any of them…
I’ll end with this side note: EVERY woman I saw was dressed totally professional and all way older than me. I’m a baby. A yoga-pants-flip-flop-sequin-tank-top-wearing baby.
So now I’m way more concerned about law school fashion than I was before. I even emailed one of the law offices asking, “This may seem trivial, but is there a dress code? What do other law students wear? What is suggested attire for the boat cruise (they’re taking all 1Ls on a Gateway clipper boat cruise the last day of orientation-YAY) on Friday?”
And they responded with “business casual is suggested.” BUSINESS CASUAL?! Do they know how BROAD the business casual fashion spectrum is?!

The biggest thing I will blogging about in the upcoming school year is what law students should actually wear. There is nothing, no blog or website or Instagram, about what is OK law school attire.
I will fix this ginormous law school oversight.
Until then, I’m just going to go in skinny black slacks, blouses, and nice maxi dresses.


7 thoughts on “My Attempt to Prepare

  1. So cool to see all your excitement about going back to school! What an acheivement! I hope you enjoy this next stage of your education! 🙂


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