Today is the Day!


Orientation starts today!
I’m so excited. My mom is just as (if not more) excited than me. Love you, mom! 😉 11920524_10207447875374570_1339175173_n

I’ve been spending the last two days reading my advanced assignments for tomorrow (which is the beginning of classes…kinda. I’ll explain later in this post). It’s CRAZY how much reading there is! I mean, I knew there was a lot, but dang. There’s a lot.

Honestly, it’s all really fascinating. If you’re a law student who has advanced readings, I strongly advise you do them. Before I started reading, I felt not-so-quite up to the task before me (my husband and mom say it’s just because I’m too hard on myself, but they’re supposed to say things like that, right?). After reading, I feel way better about how my undergrad prepared me. Seton Hill is really great for preparing their students for graduate school, and I definitely see that now in what I’ve been reading what it takes for law students to succeed. Now I believe I’m going to do well. It’ll still be hard, but I’m not so intimidated now.
OH! And so far, the most interesting assignment I’ve done is watch the documentary Hot Coffee (for Torts class–which I have a good feeling might be one of my favorites). If you have a chance, watch it. It really opened my eyes as to what kind of field I’m getting myself into. 11880148_10207447844013786_753276812_n

As for fashion, clearly I wasn’t the only one wondering what to wear for orientation. A bunch of students were posting and asking what we’re expected to wear (especially for tonight which will be the first time we meet no only our peers, but also our Dean’s and faculty). The instruction is to wear something nice, but casual. No suits, but to “keep in mind we’re meeting” important people. So I’m wearing a maxi skirt and a tank top with a khaki jacket overtop.

So what does orientation look like?
It looks like hectic.

Tonight, as previously mentioned, I’ll be meeting my peers, deans, and faculty.
There’s also a family and friends reception too that my husband and mom are coming to. I’m not quite sure what that part is exactly, but I’m assuming it’s for family to come see where their student’s will be and meet some of their “peoples”.

Tomorrow is when the hectic-ness begins.
Tomorrow I start class at 9:30 (ugh 1 hour commutes) which goes until lunch (provided), and then more class until 4:30. Then a student organization fair (which I may or may not attend. I mean, how much time am I really going to have to dedicate to a club?).
All of the classes on Thursday and Friday are technically “pre-classes” to analyze our first assignments (that are due Monday, the ACTUAL first day of class).

Friday is much of the same as Thursday, except that in the evening, all of us 1L’s (1L is a first year law student) are going on a boat cruise thru Pittsburgh. YAY! I’m really excited for that!

So that’s my life right now! I’ll be blogging again later tonight to debrief on the first day! 🙂

So for you law students, I know you have a lot going on, but here’s a to-do list from me: 
1. Watch Hot Coffee.
2. Read your advanced assignments. 
3. (Not a to-do, but a nice tidbit) Jeans and a blouse/collared shirt is a good-to-go outfit for orientation.


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