My First Official Week!

My first week is down!

Before I talk about my first actual week of classes, I’ll start by debriefing on last weeks boat cruise which was SO beautiful and a lot of fun! It was a blast to be able to hang out with my peers and my husband and just chill out with great food and drinks after a very long orientation.

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That being said, I’m shocked by how much I’ve learned in just a few days. At the same time, I feel like I must be doing something wrong with how easily it’s all coming to me. I don’t speak up in classes much (when I’m put in the spot or I put myself on the spot, my neck and chest gets really red and patchy and it makes me self conscious so there’s that), but I feel like a sponge in classes and I seem to retain almost everything. I was confused on how to brief cases at first, but I did a few this weekend and it isn’t hard at all.
I have a larger assignment due this week I’m a little nervous about, mostly about the citation bit of it, but I can seek help from the teachers assistant and another guy so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that!

As for the fashion end, I’ve been thrifting this weekend and found pretty much everything I’ll need for this fall and winter minus a few things like boots and accessories. An updated wardrobe for $50? That’s how I shop, yo.

Before I got my new stuff, these are a few outfits I wore to school this week. I’ve seen girls in everything from denim shorts, flip flops, and loose tees to pencil skirts, heels, blouses and jackets. I’ve opted for something in between, some days a bit more casual, some days more business casual.


The biggest adjustment so far has been the relationship-side of it with my husband. He’s been really busy suddenly with his photography business taking off WAY faster than we anticipated and I don’t have time to spend with him during the week so I see him a day or two on weekends between getting homework done.

I’ve really felt my love languages shifting in this new season to some of my lowest ones becoming my highest, which is a really big change for Geary and I since we’ve always had the same highest love languages of time and touch. I commute too, about an hour and a half each way as I hit rush hour in the morning and evening so that doesn’t help things. It’ll be harder for us this week as I leave around 7 most mornings and get back before 6 in the evening, but he works 3pm to 11pm all this week so we’re literally not going to see each other at all until this weekend, which we are going to be spending the weekend with an amazing couple we know (which we are crazy excited for since it seems like forever since we have seen them!)!

My husband has been amazing though. He’s so supportive and helpful, despite not getting his relationship-needs met. He’s seriously the most unselfish human being I’ve ever met and I’m really thankful that we got married before I entered law school. I don’t know if I could do it without him. Ok, I’ll stop gushing haha!
The upside is that we really appreciate the time we do get together and we make sure to keep it very intentional. We definitely aren’t losing are honeymoon-ness, hehe!

Sometime next week I want to re-do our spare bedroom (which has just been a humongous, terrifying room of random stuff piled on top of each other) and actually make it into a office/studio space for Geary and I.
We will see how that goes! IKEA here we come!


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