I am back!

So between law school, the commute, and being married, I’ve been MIA. #sorrynotsorry

BUT. I did it. One semester DOWN. 5 more to go!

One semester DOWN. 5 more to go!

It was harder in ways I didn’t expect and easier in others.

The hardest parts were definitely the living an hour plus away. That didn’t make for any kind of socializing or even a whole lot of time for study. That part SUCKS. Thank God though we will be moving much closer for my second year.

Between school and studying and (it feels like) a gazillion other things we committed ourselves to, I was super MIA. Not just blogging, but with most friends and family so the idea of making NEW friends and socializing with them made my head spin, soooo I basically didn’t. So socially that sucks going into second semester.

I learned a lot of good things about myself though. I found out I’m way more flighty than I thought I was, but I also learned to be more diligent. I learned to be disciplined and that “toeing the line” is a bad idea when it comes to classes and schoolwork. I learned that I’m smarter than I thought and that I’m WAY too hard on myself. I learned (not so much learned as reinforced) that my husband is THE BEST. I learned that I shouldn’t over-commit myself and I need to steward my studies.

I’ll be honest: there were times during my first semester that I seriously wanted to drop out. Between the stress of the commute, the stress of not sleeping because of studying, the stress of not studying without giving up sleep, and the feeling of being entirely alone in this sentiment caused me to have mini-breakdowns and want to quit.

However, I think the BIGGEST thing I learned was that I’m not a quitter, that I’m capable, that I’m not alone, that it’ll all be worth it. I learned that my being in law school was a choice I made and that, even though I’m not entirely sure what life looks like beyond school, I can complete a race without seeing the end goal.

I’ve gotten most of my final grades back and I didn’t do as terribly as I was convinced I was. I didn’t do as well as I had wanted to starting law school, but, hey. That’s OK.
I really feel like the first semester was just a “crash course” for me. I feel SO much more capable and “with it” than I did last semester. I know what’s required, I know what needs to happen, I know what’s expected and that helps a lot.

Anyway. That’s a lot.
Bottom line: first semester I found things out about myself. This semester, I’m looking forward to actually applying myself.

‘Til Next Time!



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